Heroes Program

What Is a Bystander?

An active bystander is a person who witnesses an opportunity to intervene and steps in to take positive action. Although many would argue that intervening is easy, decades of social psychology research tells us there are very real human inhibitors to intervening. Our program builds upon the social psychology and brain science of bystandership to teach explicit skills and tactics to:

Recognize when an intervention may be needed
Provide specific strategies for how to best intervene
Increase willingness to accept an intervention
Build a healthy culture that expects and allows intervention, especially in organizations where rank is a factor
Heroes Program

What Is The Heroes Program?

Heroes is a culture shift program that includes excellent training. Becoming a Heroes agency is a commitment. It is the best way to equip your personnel with the knowledge and practical skills to fulfill their legal and ethical duty to intervene. It is an expression of integrity, courage, and loyalty, and works to create a healthy agency culture.

Heroes is an accelerator for cultural change. We act like a tailwind that moves the existing agency beyond a duty to intervene and to a culture of active bystandership. This goes beyond reducing misconduct with a duty to intervene; rather, it elevates the waters for all to prevent harm, including mistakes and employee health. We are greater than the sum of our parts. For example: you could have a cadre of individually trained officers (trained in duty to intervene) and still miss the mark of reducing harm. Heroes leverages shared accountability in organizations, teams, and agencies for real, sustainable change. We know that skills alone do not change behavior; Heroes uses the existing strengths of the organization to facilitate awareness, shared accountability, and positive cultural change. We attend to the heart-set and mindset needed to put skills into action.

Become A Hero

How Do We Become a Heroes Organization?

Heroes organizations are authentic in their commitment to a healthy organizational culture that expects, accepts, and supports intervention. Organizations express this commitment in 8 ways (click on the items below for more information):

Part of the Heroes program is to connect your employees to the important role health and wellness plays within a culture of active bystandership. Organizations must offer meaningful health and wellness resources to their staff, and our goal is to make it more likely that your people will use the resources available to them.

To be most effective, Heroes requires a dedicated coordinator to ensure the program is implemented well and to maintain visibility on the practice of bystandership throughout the organization.

Heroes provides the meaningful training. Your instructors will complete a robust train-the-trainer program to become a certified Heroes trainer ready to effectively deliver the content as designed with the best possible learning outcomes across all classes taught. If you are a smaller organization, we can do the training for you.

Heroes provides a pre- and post-implementation survey to measure perceptions, which is an early indicator of change. We’re happy to customize the survey based on specific needs of your organization.

When you become a Heroes organization, the first thing you receive is a communications kit to help ensure you have consistent and accurate information throughout the organization prior to the training.

Accountability shows up in many ways – – from leadership expressing their support for active bystandership and attending training, to the organization creating a culture that expects and accepts acts of active bystandership. The Heroes program is designed to help you put these accountability measures into practice.

A culture that supports the practice of active bystandership must formally protect those who intervene. Heroes provides model policies in the online sustainability kit that every Heroes organization receives.

As with any skill, if active bystandership is not practiced, it’s less likely to be used when it’s needed. The Heroes training contains multiple practice opportunities, but we recommend that Heroes organizations incorporate active bystandership into other training classes, as appropriate, to continue to hone the skill. In addition, Heroes organizations receive an annual, two-hour refresher module to deliver as in-service training.

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