Keith Malcolm

Keith Malcolm

Retired Expert

Keith Malcom graduated from Lafayette College in Pennsylvania with a BSCE in Civil Engineering. While at college he served on the Interfraternity Council and President of his fraternity. Upon graduation, he received an assistantship to attend the University of Cincinnati, graduating with a MSCE specializing in Water Resources Engineering.

Following graduate school, after several “odd jobs” he went to work for a small construction company with 10 employees in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Ultimately, he acquired the business, grew it to 50 employees, and owned it for roughly 40 years before selling it in 2020. During that time, he served on the local Community College Advisory Board, helping the College foster programs for the construction trades.

For 30 years he was very active in the local Volunteer Fire/Rescue Company in Trexlertown, Pennsylvania. During that time frame, the Company went from a small rural volunteer department averaging 40 calls per year to a Township Structured Volunteer Department, running 350 calls per year. During this time Mr. Malcolm served in many different roles including Treasurer and President of the Township Fireman’s Relief Association, member of the Township Impact Fee Advisory Board, President of the Fire Department, Lead Engineer on the 2nd out engine, 1st Assistant Chief and Interim Chief for one year.

Mr. Malcolm coached youth sports including soccer, baseball, and basketball for the South Parkland Youth Association. He likes to joke that one of his most difficult active bystandership moments was when he had to be the plate umpire while his son was pitching. Holding a high standard to the strike zone, he had to give his son a few tough calls! After “retiring” from the Fire Service he became involved with the Country Club where he was a member, serving six years on the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Greens Committee, and the last two years as President of The Club.  Mr. Malcolm is currently retired, spending half his time in Florida and half in Pennsylvania, playing a lot of golf with family and friends and reconnecting with an old passion – fly fishing.